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This site (and the other official Campbell sites) lives on a Intel ISP1100 1U-server (with a 850 MHz Pentium III, 120 GB of diskspace and 512 MB RAM) owned by the webmasters - Jeff and Per.

It is running GNU/Linux in the Debian distribution with an Apache Server (webserver) to serve the sites. It also uses MySQL (database), Webalizer (log analysis), ProFTPD (ftp access) and OpenSSH (encrypted login access). This is all FREE software, released under the GNU GPL (General Public License).

Proud to be 100% Microsoft free!

The server is physically hosted at NetGroup Data Center where the webmaster Per is the head Systems Administrator and Technical Account Manager. It has UPS and diesel power protection, cooling and everything else you might expect from a high-end colocation facility - please click the link for more information.

It is connected through two gigabit uplinks to the backbones of TeleGlobe and Global Crossing, plus it has a redundant gigabit link to The Danish Internet Exchange (in Lyngby, Denmark) and a redundant gigabit link to Interxion's Internet Exchange Center (in Ballerup, Denmark). We peer with dozens of different local and international network carriers at these Internet Exchanges.

This is the server where it lives at the Data Center. The server is the top ISP1100 which in the second (and third picture) has the front cover opened, revealing a Debian sticker and a Dymo featuring the server's primary name (bluto.nevecampbell.dk).

(click to enlarge)

A special thanks goes to NetGroup A/S for hosting the server free-of-charge, including unlimited bandwidth.

Currently the site occupies just over 1.3 GB of diskspace and has about 2 GB of traffic each day from around 1.100 average daily visitors (peaking around 1.600 daily visitors!), making it clearly the biggest and busiest Neve Campbell fansite on the net and one of the bigger fansites in general.

And yet this site is still absolutely non-commercial and non-profit with no sponsors and no other money generated from the site! - Nobody makes any money from this site! - Other than perhaps Neve Campbell herself who indirectly may profit from this exposure and fan care.

The CGI parts of the site (except the webboard) are all written in perl 5+ by Per Gøtterup. They are:

gallerylib.pm Library module containing routines to set up the picture gallery, generate thumbnails and so on.
gallerygen.pl Program that generates a set of static gallery pages using routines from gallerylib.pm.
guestbook.cgi CGI Program that runs the guestbook.
newslinks.cgi CGI Program that handles the display of the newslinks list.
linkmaster.cgi CGI Program that handles the display of the link list.
master.cgi CGI Program that handles the front page, the poll and the site news archive.
create_toplist.pl Program that parses the webserver logs and creates the toplists.
linkcheck.pl Program (a robot) that checks the reliability of the links on the link page.
newslinkcheck.pl Program (a robot) that checks the validity of the links on the newslink page.

These programs use the CGI module (by Lincoln D. Stein), the DBI module (by Tim Bounce), the Date::Calc module (by Steffen Beyer) and the LWP::UserAgent module (by Gisle Aas), all from CPAN, pretty intensely.

The message board is also perl-based - a fairly heavily customized version of WWWThreads 5.3 Pro by wcsoft.net. You can find your own copy here.

Proudly using:
with ACID (Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases) on this server.

This site's domain has rfc1876 LOC entries, can you say the same about your domain?

You can use the DNS LOC demo and the Xerox PARC Map Viewer to locate this site.

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