Almost all images on this site were retrieved from the net in some form and is thus assumed to be in the public domain. They are used here for non-profit purposes purely as a tribute and should therefore fall within the 'fair use' copyright exemption clause.

Most of the autographed pictures was kindly provided by Len Carr <> or <> from his immense collection of autographed pictures and they are used here with full permission. Thanks, Len!

First of all I'd like to thank Mike Duffy <> from the now closed "Campbell's Corner" website for doing a lot of nice scans (from Rolling Stone among others) and for a lot of great vidcaps from "Northern Passage"/"Baree", "Are You Afraid of The Dark?" and MTVs "Scream 2" special - among others. Mike lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.

A special thanks goes out to Stephanie Dubin of Neve Campbell Online who was the source of lot of pictures, some of which was sent to me by someone else. Thanks for all those scans! - Sorry I wasn't always able to know that they were yours initially and ask for them in advance.
Stephanie lives in Lockport, New York State, USA.

Stay neveish!

I'd also like to thank for the use of a lot of rare scans that she made!
Keep up the great work gal!

If you wish to use her scans for your site - ASK HER FIRST! - Write to:

A personal greeting goes to Melissa Michelle who runs websites for Elisa Donovan and Leslie Stefanson, not to mention the now closed '1999 Hottest Females' poll. She's also a big Neve Campbell fan, a great friend and a very nice person. She's from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Go visit her sites and perhaps discover more talent on the rise...

I should also mention Oscar 'Ozee' Yanez of Neve Fusion who has dug up a lot of the rarer Neve pictures, and is able to supply material from 'down under' where Neve (also) is very popular! - He lives in the New South Wales area in Australia.

He also makes some nice collages and desktop backgrounds, maybe a bit rough in his early works but his recent stuff (including his site) is quite good!

The biography translations was kindly made by Jean-Michel Pimont (française) and Carsten Juttner (deutsch) - Thanks for all the work!

The top 8 articles all came from Brian Pastor's "Canadian Princess" site, and while they all originally came from elsewhere, some courtesy of Partygirl, they were all reworked by Brian Pastor.

I also use the excellent JavaScript popup utility called OverLIB made by .

Some images and backgrounds were retouched or created by me from scratch using various tools, including Paint Shop Pro, LView Pro, PM View, CorelDRAW! and Adobe PhotoShop in various versions.

No WYSIWYG editors used! - All pages on this site was written by hand using simple text editors or the great Allaire HOMESITE HTML development tool - or automatically generated by own (self-programmed) software utilities! Some work dynamically like the front page, the poll system, the guestbook and the news archive. Others, in particular all the picture gallery pages and the picture gallery lobby page are static pages updated hourly. They are all created using custom designed programs that among other things takes care of all the tedious work of sizing images, counting them, determining which is new and creating optimal html-code for fastest possible loading.

Some contact information was copied from the Party of Five FAQ edited by Brenda Scott Royce with contributions from Catherine Sudeth, Lisa Hamameh, Sasha Pasulka, Lisa Patry, Daniel Scott Burnford, Jennifer Stoll, Marcy Resnick, Gina Speckman and LnJRod.

Additional contact information was provided by Brendhan K. Neve and Creative Artists Agency.

My own early scans was made using the facilities provided by the Institute for Informatics at the University of Copenhagen, Amager. Thanks for making these facilities available to students!

Thanks to:

  • <> for additional contact information.
  • Taylor Oliver <> for sending me a lot of Neve pictures that he found for me.
  • April <> for providing the name of Neve's character in the episode of "The Kids in the Hall".
  • Avenger <> for the videocaptures from Neve's appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
  • Denis G. Tarpinian <> for additional images from "Scream" and the "Party of Five" special on the E Channel.
  • Jeff Kenney <> for the 'redstand.jpg' picture.
  • Jan Normann for the 'Happy New Year' samples.
  • Recoil <> for some very nice scans!
  • Krista Groen <> for sending me new images.
  • Daniel Coker <> for sending me new images, a tribute and more!
  • Robby Eckert <> for a nice desktop collage!
  • Earle Wood" <> for his lovely painting of Neve.
  • Marko Crnogorcevic <> for sending me a lot of great scans!
  • Lisbeth Mathiesen <>, programme consultant for the danish TV2, for keeping me informed about PO5 and Neve events on TV2.
  • Sarah Cloud <> for a nice cover scan!
  • 'Costas' (Konstantinos Markoulakis) <> for a nice scan and the Empire 3rd sexiest movie star info!
  • Sean Eaton <> for the vidcaps from "The Canterville Ghost"!
  • David Jackson <> for 5 wonderful pictures from a spanish magazine!
  • Marika Ristonmaa <> for sending me great scans from finnish magazines!
  • Briana Blair McKenzie <> for running The Heavenly Neve Fan Page.
  • Stuart Duncan <> of "The Neve Campbell Picture Gallery" for great vidcaps.
  • Jocelyn 'Joss' Ingram <> for sending me some very nice rare scans!
  • Steffen Rölling <> (aka. Space Rat) for some amazing scans!
  • Laurie 'SlobFreak' Chan <> - You're going to go places, girl! - Keep it up!
  • Cherri Lynn Parrish <> - For some nice email dialogues/chats.
  • Heidi Chambers >> from "Heidi's Celebrity Adventures".
  • Matthias Belz <> for a stream of Neve pictures.
  • Isabelle Bak <> for some hard-to-find french scans.
  • Sebastian Will <> for 'The German Connection'...
  • Malin Rydelius <> for running the the swedish "Party of Five" page.
  • All the people sending me nothing but kind words about this site! - You are far too many to mention here (check out the guestbook for but a few), but to all of you: Thanks!!!
Also, a great and special thanks to of Richard Schouten Illustraties for his amazingly beautiful artwork and the exclusive publication rights! - Go visit his website and see the full range of his talents: Richard Schouten Illustraties

I'll also recognize the efforts by Jennifer Allen (Neve's publicist) and Steven Younger of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips (Neve's attorney). Thanks for your input!

Last (but certainly not least!) a very special thanks goes to the Campbell family - to Damian and Christian (Neve's brothers), Marnie (Neve's mother), Brendhan (Neve's cousin) and Neve herself for comments, kind words, wonderful hospitality, updates and corrections to my pages!  -->  

Please don't ask me for their email addresses. It should be painfully obvious to anyone but the most naïve or ignorant that the reason I have them is because the Campbells trust me. I won't break that trust for anything so I won't give any of them to you no matter what. Please don't bother trying because you will be wasting both your and my time!


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