Frequently Asked Questions
about Neve Campbell

As webmasters we often get asked the same things again and again, and to help you find your answer on your own before you ask us, we've collected the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the page below.

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(1.1) Anyone have any nudes of Neve?
No! - There are no real nude pictures of Neve!

Now, some people think that any kind of peek into something 'interesting' is nudity. It's not. If it was so, almost all movies should have been NC-17 or XXX rated, which they aren't of course. A nude picture is usually defined as a picture showing at least an unobscured naked upper body seen frontally. See-through does not count, nor does a bare back!

(1.2) But I've seen a nude picture of Neve...?
You either saw a fake (composite) picture or don't know the meaning of the word 'nude'. See above. There are NO nudes of Neve.

(1.3) Why don't you have any of the fake nudes of Neve...?
Because it isn't Neve in the picture. It's usually only the face that's real (her) and that was usually taken from a picture I already have in its original version.

The fake itself is a blatant insult to Neve and I would never carry such a thing!

(1.4) I've got this picture that may be Neve... How do I spot a fake?
It really isn't that hard...

  • Look for changes in shadows, focus and skin color where the head meets the body. This is usually where the border between the Neve's head and the 'replacement' body is.
  • Look for a halo or other signs of discontinuities around the head.

If the head seems to belong in the picture, but it only resembles Neve - How to tell if it really is Neve in the picture?

  • Look for the very characteristic eyebrow curve. Both Neve and her brother Christian has it.
  • Look for Neve's nose and ears. Her ears are almost lobe-less and look a lot like a half heart.
  • Look for Neve's fingernails - they are fairly big for her slender fingers.
  • Look for muscle tone in the legs. Neve is a dancer and has a dancer's legs with lots of structure.
  • Look for nudity or semi-nudity. If you find any it isn't Neve because she has never done any. See-through doesn't count, remember?

(1.5) It it true that Neve has a 'no-nudity' clause in her contracts?
What is a 'no-nudity' clause?
Yes, Neve has always insisted on having a 'no-nudity' clause in her contracts. It is a paragraph (clause) in a contract that simply states that under no circumstances is the director allowed to request or film any kind of nudity, and if scenes are filmed that on set may have nudity involved, the editing and framing in the final cut must be so that nothing is actually showing.

Some actors and actresses don't care and do whatever the scripts ask them to, or use it as a shortcut to certain parts. Neve severely dislikes this attitude and in tune with her general attitude of wanting to keep her public and private persona clearly and absolutely separate she will not share what's in her mind is private with the public.

Address and email

(2.1) Anyone got Neve's email?
Yes, of course we (the staff) do, but you'll not see it posted here out of respect for Neve's privacy!

Also, I'll remove any address on the message board or in the guestbook that is claimed by the poster to be Neve's, because either it is a fraud, harassment of someone or the real thing, and we do not accept any of these, especially the latter for obvious security reasons. The thing is, if we removed only the real one, people would know it was the real thing and someone is bound to have saved it or made a note of it, and then we end up having disclosed it, which we'd rather not do. But if we remove them all, nobody would know if any of them was right or not.

(2.2) Anyone got Neve's residential address?
Again, yes we do. After all, the staff here is also the staff of the fanclub and thus the same people that brings fanmail - by hand - to Neve, and we've both been to her house several times. You will of course not see it posted here out of respect for Neve's privacy!

No serious celebrity fanpage should ever carry the celebritys residential address because the fewer people that knows it, the less chance of an obsessed fan stalking the celebrity - or worse.

And don't think it doesn't happen to nice people or less famous people, because as long as you're 'known' to some extent there's always someone out there not able to handle his emotions or desires towards you, and that may easily turn ugly.

(2.3) Where does Neve live?
She lives just north of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles - in the Laurel Canyon area, not far from the famous Mulholland Drive. In case you don't know, Los Angeles is in California on the Pacific Coast of USA.

I'm afraid you'll never get us to be more specific than this. Sorry!

(2.4) How does Neve live?
Her house was built in 1991 but looks far older. It is a 2-story house with 3 bedrooms and a big back porch that has a magnificient view. The area is pretty rural-looking with lots of trees, bushes and shrubbery. The house has a 2-car garage, but Neve normally only uses it for her Porsche. Neve bought the house in 1995. It has never before been owned by a celebrity and there's no other major celebrities on her street but a few smaller ones (this is Los Angeles after all!). The first owner was killed in the house and Neve claims that the house now is haunted, something Neve actually likes because then she never feels all alone when otherwise alone in the house. Neve added a dance studio in the basement in 1998 so she again could indulge herself in her favorite pass-time: Dancing.

(2.5) I've got this dying/very sick aunt/sister/girlfriend and I really need Neve's email or residential address. Won't you give it to me? - It is really important and a matter of life and death!!!
Come on! - Drop the lame stories because I still won't let you bother Neve. If you are serious (as unlikely as it may seem) please contact Neve's agent. The contact information is to be found elsewhere on this page.

(2.6) Does Neve read all the mail we send to her?
How does the mail to Neve thing work?
Jeff Long explains: "I will try to answer briefly with what is a large process. I get most of the mail here in Los Angeles and Per gets some in Europe and sends them to me. We get hundreds of letters a day. Out of those hundred, we screen the ones that are objectionable or in languages other than English. Then we forward the rest to Neve's Management and Security who goes through them, and finally Neve's family. They go through them and pick out a few, maybe 1 or 2 a week, and deliver them to Neve. How many of those she actually reads and responds to I don't know. She is very busy as you might guess, and even though she wants to, she doesn't have much time for herself, let alone for reading all the mail she gets."

Knowing Neve

(3.1) Do you really know Neve?
Sure we do! - And we've met her too! - Didn't you see the picture shown here on the right elsewhere on this site?

We've also met most of her family. Per actually lived at Neve's mother's house (where that picture was taken, which Neve's mother did actually) while he was in Los Angeles in early December 2000. They are all very nice people, and fame certainly hasn't made them snobs or reclusive people.

(3.2) How is Neve in person?
Very open, but a little bit shy or quiet. She doesn't speak up much but is very easy to talk with when she's warmed up. She's very frank and doesn't hold back (use the "I don't know" answer) much. She has a great sense of humour and laughs easily and often.

(3.3) I heard that Neve is arrogant and stand-offish when you meet her in public, like in a restaurant?
Yes, she can be. Can you imagine how annoying it is when you have your private dinner interrupted by someone that shoves a pen and paper in front of you and demand an autograph? - Unfortunately many people have no respect for any kind of privacy for a celebrity - anywhere.

The infamous story about Neve being accosted in a restaurant's bathroom is unfortunately true - she was doing her business when someone shoved an autograph book and a pen under the door and a voice asked for an autograph! - Neve replied: "Do you mind if I finish peeing first?" - She couldn't believe someone was that inconsiderate!

So yes, Neve is really tired of people intruding on her private moments and that might make her a bit harsh or cold in her reactions when she's approached in a place like that.

Here's some advice if you spot Neve in public and would like an autograph, but don't want to intrude or be rude...
  • Do not interrupt a meal or any other private moment. Wait until Neve and her party is ready to leave.
  • Do not demand an autograph. Ask politely and be ready to accept a 'no' if Neve's not in the mood for autographs. She hates doing them, so beware...
  • Be prepared and have a good pen and decent paper ready so as not to take up too much of Neve's time.
  • Do not engage in smalltalk or elaborate on how much you worship the ground she walks upon, or ask to have your picture taken with her. In particular you should never ask anyone in her party to do the photographing. That's very rude and bothers her party as well as herself.
  • Use common sense! - Think how you'd feel if someone did what you're about to do to you. Helps a lot!

(3.4) Where can I meet Neve?
Well, common sense and logic dictates that around her home and the places she'd go to shop are excellent places with a high probability of meeting Neve. Now, the problem is where those places are... We know of course, but we're not telling... :-)

(3.5) Can you help me meet Neve?
No, sorry!

(3.6) Can you help me get this letter, package or script to Neve?
No, sorry! - Use the addresses on the Contact Page - they do work!

(3.7) Can you help me get Neve to reply to my letter?
Why doesn't Neve reply to my letters?
No, sorry! - If she doesn't reply to your message it is because she doesn't have the time to do so. We can't change that just for you.

Neve really appreciates all the kind words from her fans, and she's very grateful to all her fans!

Other stuff

(4.1) What does "Hair Shirt" mean?
Christian Campbell explains: "Hair Shirt is an old English expression based on a religious practice. Pious people of the past, when plagued with sinful thoughts or looking to repent, used to where a jacket (shirt) made of course boars hair that lined the inside. With the jacket worn, every movement of the wearer would be followed by an itching painful sensation. A reminder of their sins. In the modern context a person can be your hair shirt, a reminder of painful thoughts, e.g. jealousy, love, etc."

(4.2) Why did they change the title from "Hair Shirt" to "Too Smooth"?
Christian Campbell explains: "When Lionsgate purchased Hair Shirt they requested in the deal that they be able to change the name. We knew this was going to happen as the original title was somewhat confusing in its meaning for most people, hence the name change."

(4.3) What kind of computer does Neve use?
As of December 2000 she has an old Dell Latitude laptop running Windows 98. She does not have DSL or a cable modem.

She rarely checks her email more than once or twice a week.

(4.4) Does Neve really visit this site?
How often does Neve visit this site?
Not that often I'm afraid. About once a month on average I'd say. Mostly she only drops by when someone tells her to do so. She rarely visits any other fansites.

Her mother and her brothers (Christian and Damian) visit fairly often unless they're too busy to even check their email. It was actually Damian that 'discovered' this site way back in late 1997 and thus started the association we now have with the family.

(4.5) What does Neve do to stay in shape?
She does 2-3 hours of ballet training each and every day if she can find the time. It is by far the hardest workout anywhere and keeps her both extremely fit and very strong; she can still carry another person while standing on the toes of just one leg while smiling and looking like it's nothing at all.

She also jogs sometimes and of course she dances.

(4.6) What is The Lex Theater and what is its connection with Neve?
It is the home of Neve's brother's theatre production company called "Blue Sphere Alliance" (see below)

(4.7) Is Neve dating John Cusack?
The official position is that they're just friends.

(4.8) But Neve has been seen again and again with John Cusack?
Can't good friends spend a lot of time together? - I'd say so as I spend a lot of time with my good friends, and Neve also spends a lot of time with John.

(4.9) Is Neve engaged to John Cusack?

(4.10) Isn't Neve married?
No, not anymore. She was married to an actor named Jeff Colt from April 3, 1995 to July 30, 1997 (seperation) or November 6, 1997 (divorce).

(4.11) I'm in love with Neve and want to marry her!
That may be, but I'm afraid your chances of accomplishing this are very slim.

For your own good, please look around you and find someone else to fall in love with. Neve is just a person and you can bet that the odds of her falling in love with you are about the same as any other girl falling in love with you. The problem with Neve and other celebrities are of course that she'll most likely never meet you, and thus you have an impossible relationship.

Please don't think that she's 'destined' for you or something else like that, and that all you need to do is to get close to her and then everything will be fine. It won't. Love doesn't work like that. Besides, if you ever try to force the issue by doing something drastic, beware that Neve (like most celebrities) is protected by competent security people, and any intrusion will be dealt with in a manner that may endanger your personal safety or your criminal record - or both. It is not worth it!

Neve's stats

(5.1) What are Neve's measurements etc.?
Here you go:

  • Height: 166 cm (5'5 1/2")
  • Weight: 55 kg (123 lbs.)
  • Natural hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Brown

No, we do not have her modelling measurements.

Neve's preferences and opinions

(6.1) What is Neve's favorite <whatever> ?
You can find up-to-date information on this on the biography page. Check it out!

Neve's agent

Creative Artists Agency
9830 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212-1825

Phone: (+1) 310 288-4545
Fax: (+1) 310 288-4800

Only serious inquiries, please!

The official Neve Campbell Fan Club

(8.1) How to contact/join?
The Official Neve Campbell Fan Club
12358 Ventura Blvd. #377
Studio City, CA 91604-2599


Web: www.nevecampbell.org

Due to the recent COPPA act passed in April, 2000, the fanclub unfortunately must require that members of the Fanclub must be 13 years or older.

You can find details on how to join The Official Neve Campbell Fanclub here.

The fan club was started by Neve's mother Marnie back in 1994, was since 1997 run by Neve's cousin Brendhan K. Neve, but is now run since April 2000 by Jeff Long, Per Gøtterup and Neve's mother Marnie.

Where to find The Lex and her brother Christian's production company, the "Blue Sphere Alliance"

Blue Sphere Alliance
c/o The Lex Theater
6760 Lexington Avenue
Los Angeles, CA, 90038-1217

Phone: (+1) 213-957-5782

Only serious inquiries, please!

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