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All images are of Neve, from movies or shows starring Neve or of Neve-related locations or items!

The gallery is divided into sections that again is divided into themes or sources.
All pages contain up to 25 thumbnails usually under 5KB in size.
Materials added within the last 7 days will be marked new.

Please do not link directly to any picture in this archive!

As this is one of the biggest and most complete collections of Neve Campbell pictures on the net, as well as being housed on a very fast and accessible server, it is tempting to skip the download to your own site and simply link directly to the pictures on this site. This is commonly referred to as 'hotlinking'. Doing so will increase the load on this server unnessesarily when people are visiting another site that hotlinks to my pictures and I cannot accept that in the long run, not without explicit permission in each case.

This is why the full size pictures are protected from this unauthorized leeching by other sites using a special CGI-script. Now hotlinking simply won't work so please don't attempt it anyway as this still causes some load on my server - useless load I might add because all you'll get is an error message.

This script has the unfortunate side effect of making your browser think all images should be saved as 'image.cgi'. Be sure to rename each image as you save it or you may save everything on top of each other, erasing everything but the last saved, or breaking the association through the file name extension that makes Windows launch a picture viewer when you click on an image.

The script also breaks mass-download utilities like GetRight, WebSnake and similar. If you need to download a lot of these pictures you should contact me and I'll provide you with a password for accessing the picture archive through a protected backdoor. Once through you can dowload freely using any utility of your choice.

Using the pictures in this archive

For personal/private use you are most welcome to download and keep any picture archived here, to enjoy at your convinience!

If you are a webmaster with a Neve site of your own, but have little or no space for pictures, you may be allowed to hotlink to my pictures if you ask nicely and explain the circumstances. No promises though and your reasons has to be good...

If a picture isn't credited to someone or somewhere specific, feel free to use it on your own site. They were either found on the net or sent to me without any restrictions.

But you have to ask before using any picture on your own site that is either tagged in the picture itself or on the thumbnail page the picture is listed on. For most of these you have to ask me and I'll forward or redirect your request if nessesary, but a few have special limitations:

  • Pictures labelled 'exclusive': Duh! - You cannot use these so please don't bother asking. Yes, I mean it. You can't use these!
  • Pictures by 'Xpert©': Write to Melissa and ask her in each case!
  • Pictures by Jeff Long: Sorry, these are exclusive as well.
  • Pictures kindly made available from another fan site: Ask the webmaster of that site! - Click on the link or banner to go there.
  • Pictures by various scan artists: Feel free to use these but do not crop or otherwise alter them. Respect their work, please!
  • Private Family Photos: Most exclusive! - Don't bother asking. The answer is no. Yes, I mean no, you can't use these at all.
Please respect these requests! - Thank you.

... and now that the rules have been set, it's time to ...

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